A Cake For Every Occasion

Cakes by Jen currently offers a handful of our signature cake flavors: Classic Cinnamon, Pecan Crusted Butter Rum, Lemon, and Triple Chocolate. 

Available In Multiple Sizes


“There is nothing better for life's sweetest moments than a cake baked to perfection by jen."

- Linda Grayson -

For Life's Sweetest Moments

From family gatherings to corporate gift orders, there's no situation where Cakes by Jen isn't the perfect indulgence.

Add some extra sweetness to your week with our festively wrapped cakes. 


How It All Started


Cakes by Jen started almost 15 years ago in Jennifer Gorsline's kitchen with a treasured family recipe. What started as gift giving for neighbors, friends and teachers over time grew into a cottage business that hasn't looked back since. Jen has always loved baking; the smell, the taste, the creation of something delicious. This love can be traced all the way back to her childhood experiences while growing up in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela where baking was one of her favorite free-time activities.


A successful career in the fashion industry in New York City led Jen to value the presentation of her famous coffee cakes and the result is elegant wrapping that sets Cakes by Jen apart. Today, Cakes by Jen is based in Richmond, VA with a focus on boutique shops and corporate clients.